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Welcome to our CrossFit family! 

CrossFit - constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity relative to an individual's work capacity 

Why are you at CrossFit Criterion?

CrossFit Newbie 

Are you exploring CrossFit
for the first time?

Whether you're looking to explore this CrossFit thing you keep hearing about or you simply want to break free from the boring normal workout, CrossFit Criterion is a great box for you!


Our classes maintain the best coach-to-athlete ratio of any local gym. At the start of every class we complete warmup and practice of moves needed in the WOD. Our coaches help you adjust workouts to fit your athletic ability and goals.


CrossFit Athlete

Are you looking for a box?

Certified CrossFit trainers, the best coach-to-athlete ratios in the area, great drop-in rates or membership is what you will find at CrossFit Criterion.


Criterion: a principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided.


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