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Owner / Coach
Level 2 Trainer 

I was hooked the first time I tried CrossFit.  My husband, Bryan convinced me to try it even though I worked as a Physical Education teacher and a group fitness instructor.  That first workout pushed me more than I had ever been pushed since my collegiate years.  I loved every second of it!  Fast forward and now I am a trainer and a box owner.  

I love working with people to help them reach goals, get results and conquer things they never thought they could.  I love that Criterion fosters a diverse and inclusive community of people.  My teenage daughter along with all ages, shapes and sizes is what make up Criterion - that is special to me! I love the accountability, the leaderboard and the fist bumps. 

I drank the "kool-aid" 6 years ago, have had the opportunity to compete in multiple competitions and am continuing to find more challenges daily. 

I would like to personally invite you to be my guest and come experience our family! 

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