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crossfit terms 

Join a “box”? Look up the “WOD”? We’re going to do an “AMRAP”? What are all these strange terms
you keep hearing related to the CrossFit program? Many people ask about the terms that get thrown
around at our “box” (that’s the CrossFit term for a gym). We wanted to provide you a basic overview of
terms you might hear.

AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible): A type of workout where you try to complete as many rounds of
the designated exercises and reps as you can before time runs out.

Box: A CrossFit gym.

Coach: The term used to denote a certified CrossFit trainer or instructor.

CrossFit Games or CF Games: The annual CrossFit competition culminating in a nationally-televised
event where participants perform exercises from traditional CrossFit workouts in an effort to be dubbed
the fittest man or woman on earth. Any CrossFit athlete can take part in the early stages of competition.
Only the best progress toward the Games.

CrossFit Open: The first phase of the CrossFit Games where any CrossFit athlete can compete online or
through their local box for a shot to progress to CrossFit Regionals.

EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute): A workout where an exercise is prescribed to be done at the
start of every minute for a certain number of minutes.

For Time: A style of workout performed as fast as possible.

Met-con: An abbreviation for metabolic conditioning, a style of workout designed to enhance
cardiovascular endurance, often through the use of high intensity interval training.

PR (Personal Record): An athlete's best-ever performance of a given workout or exercise.

Rep: An abbreviation for "repetition" a word that signifies a single full completion of a given exercise.

Rx: Rx is the abbreviation for "prescribed". The “Rx” for each workout is provided but can be scaled (or
modified) to fit each athlete’s specific ability.

Scale: The adjustment of a prescribed workout to meet an athlete’s specific ability.

Score: Every CrossFit workout has the ability to be scored based on the total number of reps performed
during the workout.

SugarWod: An online and mobile app that allows an athlete to log completed WODs and their
associated scores. The SugarWod application also allows interaction between athletes to cheer on
others in their accomplishments.

Tabata: Tabata training is a specific type of high-intensity interval training where athletes perform a
series of eight rounds of 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest. A full Tabata takes just four
minutes to complete. Work periods are performed at the highest intensity possible.

Unbroken (UB): A type of workout where sets, reps, or exercises are intended to be performed all in a
row without any rest.

WOD (workout of the day): The official workout performed at a CrossFit box on a given day.

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