Wod for 2017.09.08

Reminder that will have 6am and Noon as normal but evening classes will be canceled for the in-house competition wod 1.
Comp Wod 1
Wod 1- 8 minute running clock: 0-1 minute load bar to opening weight -then- In remaining 7 minutes establish your choice of: 1 rep max Deadlift 2 rep max Clean (full, power, or split) 3 rep max Snatch (full, power, or split) *prior to starting your lift athletes may perform as many bar facing burpees as desired and each rep will add 1 pound to your lift Score = weight x reps + burpees example 1 - 1 rep max deadlift 455 + 50 burpees = 505 example 2 - 2 rep max clean 225 x 2 (450)+ 55 burpees = 505 example 3 - 3 rep snatch max 150 x 3 (450) + 55 burpees = 505 * burpees must start at 1:00 mark *No dropping of bar -must be performed like a complex. May rest overhead, front rack, or at pockets but not at the ground


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