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Bryan Buschhorn 


Level 1 trainer 

I was born and raised in Independence, MO and moved to Springfield to go to Missouri State (SMSU) and play baseball for the Bears.  After playing four years with the Bears and three seasons of Independent League Professional Baseball with the Ducks, I started coaching/instructing baseball at a number of different levels from 8 year old campers to college summer leagues.  In the couple of years prior to fall of 2012 when I had my first Crossfit experience, I had been away from coaching due to schedule changes.  Crossfit and the people in the crossfit community have done many things to change my life in a positive way, but the two that I am most thankful for are the opportunity to be reunited with my passion of coaching others and the opportunity to experience and see others experience the type of relationships which only develop when succeeding and failing together.  My two main missions as a coach are to help every member achieve success as defined by personal goals, and to have every member achieve the level of confidence in themselves that I have in them.  I have always believed that any educated coach can point out what someone is doing wrong, but the good coach can set the path to realizing potential and do so without causing resentment. We at Criterion try to take the approach with coaching and programming of constant quality improvement because as John Wooden says, “It’s the little details that are vital.  Little things make big things happen.”

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